At Milwyn, we are often asked how a bronze sculpture should be looked after as well as the process that goes into creating the work we produce. Here, you can find resources and educational information on just those very things.

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Caring for Bronze

Bronze has been a preferred metal of artists for making sculpture and objects for many years, due to its longevity, casting properties in the hands of skilled craftsmen and the depth of surface and rich colour that comes from oxidising of the surface, ‘The Patina’.

With the use of chemicals (acids and oxides), heat and many years of experience, the artist or art foundry technician can achieve almost any colour and effect on the surface of the bronze sculpture by forcing the oxidising process. This, without protection, will over time form a natural patina on the surface, this would predominately be a build up of green oxides on the surface of this copper rich alloy. To protect and seal the patina mostly wax is used, in some cases Lacquer is used. Depending on the conditions and handling the bronze has, this thin coat of wax my need to be applied to carry on protecting the artwork.

This small booklet has been designed to give a few basic tips on how best to care for your bronze sculpture and its patina.