Milwyn’s lockdown project

10gram Challenge

In partnership with Milwyn, The Royal Society of Sculptors invited its members and additional invited artists to take part in the 10gram Challenge as a lockdown activity.

The brief was to produce a small scale sculpture from a 10 gram piece of wax. The kit was supplied by post and participants sculpted their piece which was sent to us at the Milwyn foundry to be cast in bronze. The subject and style of the sculpture was open to interpretation and could be anything the artist felt inspired to create during the period of isolation. There was a huge variety in creative responses from a goat’s head and a beaked figure to industrial abstract forms.

The idea transpired when Milwyn’s founder Alex Davies challenged himself to make a small sculpture when he was isolated at home during lockdown, unable to access his studio space. Realising the plight other artists faced with the same restrictions, the challenge grew organically as a way to create something on a smaller scale from the kitchen table.

Visit the free 10gram Challenge exhibition

5 Jul – 19 Sep 2021

Opening Times
11am – 5pm

Dora House,
Royal Society of Sculptors,
108 Old Brompton Road,

“Like most people during lockdown, I was looking for ways to keep myself busy and occupied. After finding myself unable to visit my studio for the foreseeable, I created a project to ensure I kept making sculptures throughout the pandemic. I spoke to other members of the Royal Society of Sculptors who let me know that they were struggling to find ways to keep themselves busy. I mentioned the 10gram challenge project and they sounded really interested in it and so I decided to roll it out as an idea.”

The 10gram Challenge

Beth Carter

Beth and Milwyn have been working together for over 15 years

John Napier

John has worked alongside many greats in art, theatre and film

Phillip King

Three copies of ‘Shogun’ have been meticulously maintained and repaired

Neal French

We’ve created life-sized portraits of famous individuals and smaller modern portraits