Artist profile

Gary Scott

Gary’s bronzeworks cover topics of abstraction to figuration, referencing both nature and the human body in often challenging and unique ways.

His work with Milwyn has created some stunning pieces for his clients. He believes in enriching his clients’ lives by bringing them along to see the intricate processes of the bronze casting. Works have included ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Rhythmic Form’.

“Working with Milwyn is a joy, so much so that I always try and take my clients along to witness some part of the process for themselves.”


Beth Carter

Beth and Milwyn have been working together for over 15 years

John Napier

John has worked alongside many greats in art, theatre and film

Phillip King

Three copies of ‘Shogun’ have been meticulously maintained and repaired

Neal French

We’ve created life-sized portraits of famous individuals and smaller modern portraits